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LearnShare collaborates with Soka Gokai International and Earth Chapter International to promote “Photo Competition on Climate Change, SDG 13. Soka Gakkai Iinternational (SGI) headquartered at Japan and Earth Charter International have launched a "Photo Competition on Climate Change, SDG 13" on Thursday, August 1 towards the UN Climate Action Summit and the Youth Climate Summit to be held in September. LearnShare is working in collaboration with SGI in  promoting this competition through the Mapting app and SGI's social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  (The competition continues until August 31)In order to present this activity at the Youth Climate Summit, we expect to have a good turn-out of applications, not limited to but especially from youths. So, your help on promoting this in your school/institute would be highly appreciated. The top prize will be an invitation to the summit, and others include a solar watch. Links on details of the photo competition (Please like and share the following social media pages! )  (Mapting FaceBook)  (Mapting Twitter)  (Mapting Instagram)

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LearnShare Consulting is initiated by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the education and publishing industry. The focus is to provide a one stop solution and tailored services to schools across India and the South Asian region.

Teacher Development

We can conduct teacher development programme in a variety of content areas depending on the requirement of the individual school.

Story telling session

Storytelling is one of the oldest art forms in the world and opens the door to creativity.

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Our team has extensive experience in the publishing industry and have tied up with all major national and international publishing house.

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We offer a one stop solution to schools and other academic institutions where they can source all their printing needs.


Our mission is to enhance the teaching and learning environment in schools and educational institutions and also to build the capacity of educators to advance all aspects of student achievement and well-being.


We are close to schools, children and learning - this keeps them sharp and focused on what it is that makes a difference.